Bird of Prey Studies

I have been working in my sketchbook on a series of bird of prey studies in coloured pencils and pencil. I am now interpreting one of the head studies in stitch onto a piece of cream felt I made a few weeks ago. The very top head is the one I am working in stitch. I have drawn the outline of the bird of prey freehand in vanishing pen as a guide but just like the coloured pencil version I need to build up the feathers with layers of threads. I haven't worked this way on felt before but I made three pieces of felt and they have be crying out to be stitched on, plus I like the fact it is all free hand stitching with no hoop!

Bird of Prey - Derwent Coloured Pencils
Bird of Prey - Pencil Study

Bird of Prey - Pencil Study

Bird of Prey - Work in Progress
Bird of Prey - Eye Detail


  1. Great sketches, can't wait to see the finished embroidered piece.


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