I am a creative, I am a creative!

I started out making masks, then made some felt and then started drawing! I have decided I am a Jack of all trades! What is the saying 'A Jack of all trades and master of none'? mmmmmmmmmm maybe that is me but I don't know I guess I just love being creative and what ever comes out on a particular day will be! I see all these people who have one style and produce one type of thing and I think shall I do that? Maybe I should? But then again no I get bored too easy! Am I a master embroiderer? Nope there is so much to learn, stitches and techniques I don't know yet! Am I a master artist? Nope I just love to draw and paint! So what is the theme here? I draw, I paint, I embroider, I sew, I knit, I photograph even! Therefore I create! That must make me a creative! Next time the self doubt creeps in and I shuffle off to who knows where to lick my wounds, just give me a slap and I will be back! My mantra for each day 'I am a creative, I am a creative, I am a creative'. At some point if I'm lucky it may sink in!

Tiger Moth - Watercolour

Pine Cone study in Pencil

Green Banded Swallowtail II - Coloured pencil on Fabriano Artistico HP


  1. In reading your post, I was really identifying with it until you talked about going off to lick your wounds. I sense that you have not yet realized that you create your art in whatever media you happen to be interested in at the moment, the creation is part of you FOR you. No one else has to like it or understand it, though that IS part of the gratification.

    You are on a quest and the path is YOURS!
    xx, Carol

  2. I love your creativity. we must be sisters in this regard :) I don't "choose" to be a master embroiderer because my work is not about that, its about using stitch as a vehicle to express an idea and the joy of the process.
    I don't view myself as a jack of all trades either. I let that one go when I realized that I am skilled at using whatever media I need (and have studied and worked at) in my art box to create whatever best express my needs. Not many can do that because they are limited to one using only one technique/medium. Your watercolours and pine cone drawings are excellent and don't relfect a lack of mastery at all.
    I don't see you as a jack of all trades, any more than say an artist like picasso who used a variety of media to express himself.
    You're an artist :)
    just my humble opinion

  3. You are an artist, you are an artist, you are an artist! I love the detail in your pinecone drawing! Fabulous! The paintings are wonderful, too. You create, therefore you are an artist! :-)

  4. Thank you so much for your comments I guess I just needed to realise that art is a part of me and whatever medium I choose to use I am expressing who I am! When I wrote the post yesterday I had realised that I don't have to pigeon hole myself into one technique or style, as Corrine says there are not many who can work in a variety of media and we are the lucky ones if we can do so! :) The thought for everyday should be what am I going to create today? Then use whatever medium feels right!


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