My New Favourite Place

I have fallen in love with Whitby!! I would love to move there, with it's lovely shops and art galleries plus it's hidden streets and Gothic abbey! I have always fancied visiting and luckily we managed to fit two visits in while were on holiday in Filey this June.

I loved wandering up and down the little streets with it's history of Captain Cook and also because of it's connections with Dracula. I bought a new copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula and also the sequal written by Dacre Stoker a descendant of Bram and a Dracula historian Ian Holt. I am at present re-reading the original and now I have visited Whitby it makes the story of Dracula that bit more real!

Hubby Andrew bought me a pair of Whitby Jet earrings which I am currently sporting while writing this post! Around Halloween Whitby have a film festival and ball which I am currently trying to persuade Andrew to take me to! I also found this great website when I got back off holiday and wish I had found it before I went lol it's called Dracula in Whitby and is full of information about Whitby and Dracula definitely worth a visit!

Tate Hill Sands - Whitby


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