Scroll Stitch Tutorial

Scroll Stitch is a decorative stitch used for straight and curved lines. It has a flowing textural effect and looks lovely if used for decorative bands and borders. It can be worked on plain or evenweave fabrics.

Ok, to work Scroll Stitch, working from left to right. Bring your needle up at 1. With the thread form a loop as shown in the first photograph, hold down with left thumb if needed. Insert the needle at 2 and up at 3 taking a small stitch, the thread should be under the needle. If it's easier mark the fabric with a fabric pen and pick up the stitch between 2 and 3 over the marked line as shown below. Pull through but not too tightly keeping the size of the scrolls even. Repeat as necessary. Fasten off last scroll with a small stitch along your line. Using thick threads gives a bolder effect to this stitch. Happy Stitching!


  1. Nice work. Looks elegant and will add some gravitas to any embroidery


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