Split Stitch

Split stitch is great for straight and curved lines especially outlines. Split stitch however when worked side by side in rows makes a lovely smooth filling stitch. Split stitch can be worked on both plain and evenweave fabrics. It was used in the middle ages to embroider the hands and faces of figures.

Ok, how do we work a Split Stitch?

Work from left to right. Bring your needle up at 1 and down at 2 pull through. Next bring your needle up at 3 through the middle of the thread. Repeat along your row or outline as required. This is a really easy stitch to work and it creates a chain like appearance. You are best using a thread that will split easily such as stranded cotton.

You can even use two different colours in the needle to create a shaded or variegated appearance. The little snail design was stitched in Split Stitch, Split Stitch Filling, Running Stitch, Straight Stitch and a French Knot. The close up shows the Split Stitch Filling, the centre of the snail was worked in two colour Split Stitch.


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