Stitched Photography

My blog is back up and running again!!!! I am currently working on two commissions at present one for my ArtyThreads Etsy shop and the other which will be revealed sooooooon! Life has suddenly become very busy and I am also trying to develop my personal work which I am trying to combine my love of photography and stitch hence the new blog name Stitched Photography! I have two pieces currently on the go as you will see below and have this fab idea inspired by a recent trip to Whitby! I will be keeping this blog up to date from now on I promise!!! I will be packing it full of ideas, inspiration and my work in general, all embroidery related stuff for that matter so do check in on me now and then!

oh nearly forgot I am having a Summer Sale in my Etsy Shop! You get 25% off on any item with this coupon code SUNSHINE well that is what we were having till I just looked out the window and it is dark and throwing it down!!!!!!

Taloula - hand embroidery, photography and Photoshop

Wuthering Heights - finally getting around to finishing this piece!


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