Buttonhole Filling Stitch

Finished Stitch
Buttonhole filling stitch is an easy stitch to learn which gives a lacy filling for medium to large areas. It can be worked on plain and even-weave fabrics. For plain fabrics first mark your fabric with parallel lines in a fabric pen. Working from left to right. Bring your needle up at 1, down at 2 and up at 3, thread beneath your needle pull through making a blanket stitch. Next make a second blanket stitch close to the first. Repeat these two stitches to the right along your line. Working from right to left bring your needle up at 4, down at 5 over the loop of the last stitch in the row above, and up at 6. Thread beneath your needle pull through to form a blanket stitch, work another blanket close to the first. Work pairs of stitches in between the pairs of stitches in the row above. To begin a third row work from left to right. You do not have to stick to just two stitches you can work 3 stitches or 4 stitches together.


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