Palestrina or Double Knot Stitch Tutorial

Here is an easy tutorial for Palestrina or Double Knot Stitch as it is also called. Palestrina stitch is a line stitch which you can work on plain or even-weave fabrics. It makes a lovely knotted bead effect which can be worked as an outline, solidly as a filling stitch or as an isolated stitch. It works best in a round twisted thread like cotton pearl (perle). You can work the stitch horizontally or vertically. To begin bring your needle up at 1 and then insert your needle at a slant at 2 and bring it up again at 3. Pull through to form a vertical straight stitch (see step 1).

Step 1
Next insert your needle up and under the straight stitch you just created, do not pierce the fabric. Pull through gently. (see step 2).

Step 2
Keep your stitch quite loose and don't pull too tightly. Insert your needle through your straight stitch again. Don't pierce the fabric. Pull through. (See Step 3)

Step 3
To work your next stitch insert your needle slightly below your first knot and take a small slanted stitch as in Step 1. Pull through.

Step 4
Insert your needle under the straight stitch you just created and pull through gently. Work the stitch as you did the previous one. Repeat as many times as required. (See Steps 5 and 6)

Step 5

Step 6
This is a great stitch and really easy to work once you get the hang of it. You can work the stitches close together or space them further apart it is up to you. Hope you enjoyed my tutorial, happy stitching!

Finished row of Palestrina stitches


  1. This is one of my absolute favourite stitches, although I recently learnt how to do Portuguese stem stitch and it's a giving palestrina a run for its money...

  2. It is a great stitch and really easy to learn too!

  3. Hi, I looove your work. What kind of yarn do you use? Mine doesn't seem thick enough. Is there a name for it and where is it sold? Please keep up!

    1. Thank you! The thread used is Cotton Perle you can get it in most online needlework shops.


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