I'm back!!

It was January when I last posted here so I thought it was time I did! I don't know about anyone else but since the end of January my little ones have had croup, chicken pots, a stomach bug and the flu! That's Winter for you!!! We are thankfully coming out of it now with my three year old just getting over a severe cough that has given us sleepless nights for the last fortnight or so!

What have I been up to? You may or may not want to know, I have been keeping my head down and working on some new projects and finishing up some things as well like the 'book', which is nearly completed. I have also been working on an exciting new commission as well as some personal projects. I have a new website at http://www.sarahwhittle.co.uk which will be a mix of embroidery and illustration.

Talk, Talk is an embroidered illustration from a new series of work called 'Things'.


  1. I really like seeing an everday object like this cell phone done in embroidery. I wonder what people seeing this 30 years from now will think. It will look so quaint.


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