Hand Embroidered Portrait WIP

Thought I would do a bit of an update post on what I am currently working on, you will see in earlier posts how this is progressing. Still lots of work to do though! The book I have been working on is complete and will be available later this year so I have plenty of time now to concentrate on developing my next body of work, which is inspired by my nearest and dearest! I am also wanting to do lots of experimenting with stitches so I will be posting these and some new stitch tutorials as well as they seem to be popular and I am always happy to share my knowledge of hand embroidery on my blog. I hope they are useful to anyone just starting out in this most fabulous of artforms! Thanks to everyone who has left comments on my blog I really appreciate them!

Ok back to the stitching!


  1. Sarah! This is wonderful....keep going....!

  2. Thanks Carla, I'm working away on it steadily while watching the Olympics!


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