Zigzag stitch

I am determined to carry on building my Stitch A-Z as I hate starting something and not finishing it! So here's a tutorial for Zigzag stitch I did awhile ago and didn't put on my blog. Zigzag stitch is a wide line stitch or filling stitch. It can be worked on evenweave or plain weave fabrics in a variety of threads. The stitch creates a rather nice decorative filling as it forms a lattice pattern.

To work Zigzag stitch you work in two journeys starting first at the right.

Bring your needle up at 1, down at 2 and back up again at 1. Then take the needle down at 3 and up at 4. Begin the next repeat by taking the needle down at 3 again and back up at 4. Repeat all along your row ending with a vertical stitch.

The second journey!

Starting at the left, bring your needle up at 5, down at 6, up at 5 again and then down at 7 and then finally up at 8. Repeat doubling up each vertical stitch and crossing over each sloping stitch. This completes the Zigzag stitch! 

Instead of working in the same colour for the second journey you can always use a contrasting colour, this looks good when worked as a filling as in the last photograph. More tutorials soon!


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