A Good Use for Stitch Samples!

I am in the process of sorting out my little studio at the moment as I am running out of space. There are books and stitch samples everywhere! I never knew I had so much stuff in one small room. I am hoping to mount all my embroidery and stitch samples onto card so that I can organise them better, instead of them being in piles on the floor or in boxes. While I was sorting them out I piled some in the middle of the room and when I turned around my Border Collie pup Benji had lay down on them and made a bed. I thought well at least he's found a good use for them!

I think what I will do is if I find any interesting ones I haven't put on the blog before I will photograph them and do a blog post on how they were created etc. The design sample below is from my uni days (don't think I have posted it before) and is a repeat pattern design from an original watercolour and produced on a multi-head embroidery machine. The design was for a table runner. The work I produced for my final degree show was embroidered designs for home furnishings. Right back to the sorting out!


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