Suffolk Puffs!

I had a bit of a making spree over the weekend! I love making little things and I had some vintage fabric squares, lace and some linen, so I thought I would make one or two products for my ArtyThreads Etsy Shop. I love Suffolk puffs so these formed an idea for a simple little daisy design. First I created the Suffolk puffs and attached them to the fabric with a vintage button. I then drew a simple little stem and leaves which I hand stitched in running stitch. In the end I created a keyring, picture and lavender sachet and even a needlecase and pincushion in linen and lace. I think they look kind of cute!


  1. Thank you for all these great ideas.

  2. I had no idea what Suffolk Points were. In Kentucky we call them Yo-Yo's

    I just thought that might be a fun thing for U to know.

  3. Hi Margaret, thanks for leaving a comment, yes I had heard they were called Yo-Yo's in the US. I love the quilts people make from them. I hope one day if I get the time, to have a go at making one!


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