Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Arrowhead Stitch Tutorial

Arrowhead stitch comes from the family of straight stitches and can be used as a line or filling stitch. It's an easy stitch to work as it is made by two straight stitches worked at right angles to each other. A row of stitches gives a zigzag effect. Arrowhead can be worked on Aida fabric or on a plain weave fabric using guidelines as shown in my tutorial below. The stitch can be worked horizontal or vertical.

Arrowhead Stitch Horizontal

Step 1

If working on a plain weave fabric first mark two horizontal lines. Working from left to right bring your needle to the right side of the fabric at (1) on the top line. Next insert it below and to the right at (2), bringing it back up again at (3) on the top line as shown. Pull through to form a short diagonal stitch.

Step 2

To complete the Arrowhead stitch take your needle back down at (2).

Step 3

To begin your next stitch bring your needle back up at (3). Continue working stitches following the same procedure as above, keeping stitches even.

Arrowhead Stitch Vertical

Step 1

Begin by marking a series of guidelines on your fabric, as shown in the image below. Working top to bottom bring your needle up at (1), insert it again at (2) and bring it up at (3). Pull Through. (Same as horizontal version)

Step 2

Next take your needle down at (2) again to complete the stitch, bringing it up again to the left at (4) inline with (1), to start the next stitch below. Pull through.

Step 3

Insert your needle at (5) and bring it back up at (6) inline with (3). Continue working stitches downwards following the same procedure as above.

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