Hand Embroidered Floral Samples

I don't know if you know this but all my embroideries come from my paintings and drawings in some form or another. Some are direct interpretations of my paintings or drawings, while others are just inspired by them as in the example below.

Hydrangea Flower head - Watercolour on cartridge paper

Above is one of my original watercolour paintings which inspired a series of embroidery samples on chiffon fabric. The reason they were embroidered onto chiffon is that when I left uni I was asked by a fashion studio to create some floral embroideries on chiffon fabric in various thread thicknesses. So these are a few of my samples below. 

Chain stitch, backstitch and straight stitch

Backstitch, straight stitch and French knots

Chain stitch, straight stitch and French knots


  1. having tried to embroidery on chiffon I can say, WOW, it is an exercise in patience and your did a beautiful job. Love your watercolour.

    1. Thanks Corrine, no it's definitely not easy I must admit, transparent floaty fabrics are always a bit tricky!

  2. Wow Sarah, your hydrangea caught my eye on Facebook and is exquisitely lovely. And my ancestors came out to Canada from Todmorden in 1818, so it feels great to read the place name where you live. I am a textile artist specializing in soft, stitched and stuffed human-sized silk flowers to sleep with, just getting my studio going. Like to follow your work.
    All the best,

    Mary-Frances Fox

    1. Hi Mary-Frances, thank you! I have been living in Todmorden about three years and it is certainly a quirky old town! Human-sized silk flowers that sounds amazing! Let me know when your site is up and running!

    2. Thank you too! Meanwhile on FB I am at www.facebook.com/selfcareweartm

  3. Hi Sarah all of your work is lovely. I didn't know you painted as well as stitched. You are very talented.
    Kind regards
    Lynn in windy wet Whitworth over the moor

    1. Cheers Lynn, I have been painting longer than I have been stitching, but now mostly use my paintings and drawings as a starting off point for my embroideries.

      Can you believe this weather? It is wild and woolly here in Todmorden!

  4. Beautiful painting and stitching.


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