It's Getting There!

Since my last update I have been concentrating on getting a knitted feel to the hat on my embroidered portrait. I have worked rows of backstitch in grey thread in a chevron formation and filled them with satin stitches which is now nearly complete. I will also add some more shading etc. There is still lots more stitching to do but it's definitely getting there now!


  1. Hi Sarah, I live in Texas and have just recently stuck my toe in embroidery. I come from a drawing and painting background, have worked in pottery and taught myself knitting.

    Your blog is one of the best on embroidery I've found so far. and I love this piece for it's feel of being hand drawn. I love the detail you are accomplishing in different hues (I can only imagine what your thread stockpile must look like) I also think the garden project is beautiful, the depth you have gotten in the leaves of the trees and such a cool stitch, too!

    My plan is to master some stitches and start recreating my drawings in embroidery. Thank you very much for your inspiration and sharing your work! I look forward to learning a lot from you. :)


    1. Hi Pamela, many thanks for your lovely comments about my work! It's really nice to chat to a fellow artist! Please do let me know how you get on with your embroidery.

      Best wishes


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