Dyeing My Own Yarns

Now that I have started to use 100% pure new British wools for my hand knitted products I wanted to take this a bit further and start dyeing the wools too. I have started experimenting with dyeing wools in a solid colour and also dip dyeing parts of the hanks as well. Living in Todmorden, West Yorkshire we are surrounded by fields of sheep and I love the idea of sourcing local wools to use in my products! I think the next stage would be to start spinning the wool myself too!

The wool in the dye bath
Drying outside on the line
First balls of hand dyed wool ready to knit with
Teapot sweater in hand dyed self-striping yarn!


  1. i love seeing the hanks of dyed yarns hanging on the line like that. It will be fun to see how you progress with the spinning and more dyeing too. I really have a love for self-striping yarn...it's the surprise of not knowing how it will work out.

    1. Thanks Kristin, I'm loving experimenting with different types of dyes at the moment such as cold water dyes, food colouring, tea and natural plant dyes. Hoping to get a spinning wheel soon! The self-striping yarns are brillant and definitely my favourite!


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