Keep Calm and Move House!

First let me apologise for the lack of posts over the last month, life has been hectic! What with entertaining the troops during the school hols and we have also decided to move house! This was a huge decision as we are moving to a much smaller property and I am currently having nightmares of how we are going to fit all the furniture in! So presently I am surrounded by boxes and feel like my head is going to explode from the stress. Luckily the kids are now back in school and settling in nicely and we are happy that they do not have to move schools!

In terms of my work, I have been knitting a lot but mostly things for the kids and I am currently working on a multi-coloured knitted patchwork blanket (see pics below) which I am going to be adding stitching to. One of the things I will be losing however is my studio space (sad face) as we had to compromise somewhere! We currently live in a four storey house and all the stairs have taken there toll on my arthritis and I am in constant pain! So we are moving to a normal house where the washing machine is in the kitchen rather than down a set of steep stairs in the basement!

I am however planning on producing some new embroidered artwork and hand embroidery tutorials / videos for the blog once we are settled in to the new house. I may however have to look for studio space around Todmorden where I live, if I cannot create enough work space at home! Well on with the packing as the title of my blog posts says I just need to keep calm and move house!

4 x 4 inch garter stitch squares in double knitting


  1. Nice bright and colourful knitted pieces. Good luck with the move. Looking forward to seeing your embroidered artwork and hand embroidery tutorials when you have time that is :)

    1. Thanks, everything is a bit hectic but hopefully I will be getting onto some new work once we've moved this Wednesday!

  2. Good luck with your move! I just discovered your blog via Pinterest. I've been diving into Free Motion Embroidery and looking for ways to incorporate my handspun embroidery thread into the mix. Your work is amazing!

  3. Handmade Work always attract me. It's absolutely stunning, soothing and completely elegant! Love it!


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