Cath Inspired Crochet Granny Blanket

Finally the weekend! It's been a long week what with the little one being ill and all. I'm currently working on a new giant granny square blanket inspired by Cath Kidston. I love the Cath colour palette! I'm still on my quest to brighten up my new home and it's getting there! Yesterday I spent time jotting down some ideas for new hand embroidery tutorials and projects which I haven't done for awhile! I found I have lots of ideas for simple motif projects based on various stitches and so this is what I will be starting with and concentrating on over the next few weeks. I think it's not only important to show how to do a stitch but to show how you can use it too!


  1. I really like how you have built this square around the center motiff. I'm wondering how big this is and if its a pillow square or if you are joining larger squares for a blanket, or perhaps one large square blanket.

    1. Thanks Carol, no it's not a pillow square it's going to be one large square blanket when it's finished, I've a lot more rows to add yet. At the moment it measures about 13 inch square.


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