A Sunny Weekend in Anglesey

After finding out the weather was set to be sunny all weekend we decided to set off Friday tea time to one of our favourite camping spots, Penrhyn Bay, Anglesey. Penrhyn Bay is a fantastic family run camping and caravan park which has great facilities and really friendly staff. If you have a young family and want a great place to take the kids then this is it! We go there every year and have been for a week and several weekends already this year. There is everything you need including a shop, children's park, tennis courts, indoor swimming pool, rocks to go crabbing with a net and a fantastic sandy beach! Brilliant I highly recommend it!

We had a great weekend and the weather didn't let us down we woke up on Saturday to glorious sunshine and after a walk on the rocks we cooked up some bacon then headed down to Sandy Beach. The kids really enjoyed swimming in the crystal clear waters and having great fun with Benji our Border Collie splashing in the waves. It was a really relaxing weekend and I even managed to sit down and have a knit while the kids and my husband chilled out in the sun. Back to reality now until the weekend!

The kids having fun in the sea
Me chilling out knitting in the sun
Husband Andrew and Benji having a splash
Gorgeous Sandy Beach
Sunset Penrhyn Bay


  1. Looks like a glorious weekend and fun for all. I enjoy reading your blog and following your projects. - Abbie

    1. Thanks Abbie, it was a brilliant weekend!

  2. It's fantastic and the kids have a great time!


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