Block Number Two

This morning I woke up with a frozen shoulder which has been troubling me all day! So today is a quick post as I'm typing with one hand! I worked this block yesterday and I haven't been able to knit or crochet today as my whole shoulder, arm and hand is affected. Today I have spent time kicking back and resting. I forgot to mention yesterday that all the blocks are 6 inches in size so it will make a fairly big blanket if I manage to work them all. The ones with the flowers in the centre look really tricky though! At least block no. 2 wasn't too bad to work and after I made it I thought that a pair of these would make great patch pockets on a cardigan! Once again it uses double and treble crochet stitches and instead of being worked in rows was worked in rounds. I need to block all the squares to the correct size but haven't done that yet with the first two. Hopefully tomorrow I can get back to work as I want to finish the sock I'm working on and start a pair for my daughter in an alpaca / silk mix yarn.

Block no. 2 Stylecraft Special DK - 4mm crochet hook


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