Rainy Saturday and Sock Knitting

It's a horrible rainy day here in Todmorden today! I got up early this morning to sunshine and thought it's gonna to be a warm sunny day and maybe some outdoor knitting and a bbq were on the horizon. Was I wrong or what! I went into the bathroom and all of a sudden it went as black as night and then the heavens opened and it was thundering and everything! It has been raining pretty much all day and we got soaked popping down to the local market in Tod for some excellent local cheese, some other supplies, cards and a couple of my favourite mags! So after a cheese and cracker lunch I am set for an afternoon of sock knitting, slobbering over some knitting and crochet patterns, with a cup of mint tea or later a glass of wine perhaps! I have completed one sock (see below) and I'm currently on the knit one purl one rib of the second, now I have discovered knitting in the round I love it.

Hand knitted sock in Wendy Roam Fusion


  1. Even nicer is the toe-up sock, and knitting two together. It's great fun.

    1. Thanks Sonya, I will have to find a pattern and have a go, though it does look complicated working two together!


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