Slow start to the week

I'm back from our surfing weekend in Saltburn by the Sea, but I'm feeling totally shattered this week and it has been a slow start to the week. I'm always left with loads of washing to do which takes me a couple of days to plough through! My husband had a great weekend surfing, though I actually forgot to take his Father's day presents and we had to go all the way home after being on the motorway for an hour! Well it was Friday 13th. Needless to say we arrived at the campsite quite late! The weather was a bit overcast but it was still warm and the kids put on their wetsuits and had a go at surfing too.

My little girl getting a surfing lesson from dad!

When I wasn't busy being the towel bearer I put my feet up in the camper and did some sock knitting. Talking about knitting the local knitters, who remain anonymous had been out in force and had yarn bombed the pier in honour of the World Cup! There was knitted characters and flags representing the countries taking part and it was a great hit with everyone visiting the pier! The kids loved all the knitted characters especially the one in the deckchair!

Salburn yarn bombers World Cup celebration!

Our favourite!

I didn't manage to get any more crochet blocks done over the weekend so I'm playing catch up now! Will post some pics tomorrow.


  1. Fantastic way to share the world cup fever :)

    1. Yes, I thought so too! I'm not a big fan of football I prefer tennis but this was great fun to see on the pier!

  2. Looks like a very lively group of knitters...


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