Sunday, Early Risers, Flat Tyres and Planes!

Yesterday was a busy day and luckily turned out to be a nice one thank goodness as I am sick of rain! Now I don't know about you but in our house Sunday is no different from the rest of the week and it begins at 5.00 am! Since having children I cannot remember the last time I had a lie in and my 5 year old little girl has always been an early riser! Usually she gets up requesting a drink, one of us gets out of bed to get it and she hops into the warm spot and goes back to sleep, leaving us wide awake! Then our dog Benji wants letting out and we say right that's it time for a brew!

So yesterday we were up early as usual and when the kids had finally dragged themselves out of bed, we headed down to the Sunday Flea Market in Tod for a bit of a mooch. I'm trying to find some old tea tins I can use for threads and buttons etc. I've not had much look so far so I think I will have to check out a few local antique shops as I might have better luck! After a quick trip round the market we set off for Wigan to visit my husband's dad but on the way as we went round a corner we heard a great big hiss and yes it had happened our poor Randy the Rambler had a flat!

I think every camper should have a name and we have dubbed ours Randy! He is a 1989 4 berth Fiat Ducato Autosleeper (see pic below) and he may not be the prettiest camper on the block but he has everything we need including cooker, fridge, shower and toilet on board. So far we have been to Anglesey in North Wales, St David's in South Wales, Saltburn, Whitby and the Lakes! I have made crochet blankets to brighten him up and I'm planning on making him some new curtains and cushion covers too.

When finally we had fixed our flat we were off again and later in the afternoon we had promised the little lad that we would go to the Manchester Airport viewing point so we could have a picnic and he could watch planes land and take off (like watching paint dry if you ask me!). There was a private function on so we couldn't view the planes on display or Concorde which he was eager to have a look at, so while they went to have a closer look at one of the viewing platforms I kicked back and carried on with my latest sock knitting project!

Randy the Rambler complete with awning!
Mmmmmmm planes, when you have seen one easy jet you have seen them all!


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