Three Grannies

I have been busy catching up with my crochet blocks today. It's been a lovely warm day here in Tod and I have enjoyed working on some granny square variations in bright colours. Crochet block number 5 is the classic granny square, this is one of my favourites as you can make wonderful patchwork blankets or if you keep going adding more rounds one big giant granny square! Block number 6 is a plain granny which looks fabulous in bright bold colours or pretty pastels and block number 7 is granny stripes which I think would make a fantastic blanket in its own right using lots of left over wool from your yarn stash. I'm having lots of fun working on all these squares and learning some new techniques at the same time.

Block no. 5 - Classic Granny Square - Stylecraft Special DK -  4mm crochet hook
Block no. 5 close up
Block no. 6  - Plain Granny Square - Stylecraft Special DK - 4mm crochet hook
Block no. 6 close up
Block no. 7 - Granny Stripes -  Stylecraft Special DK - 4mm crochet hook

Block no. 7 close up


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