Handspun Slouch Socks

I've just finished some slouch socks for my husband, which I knit over the weekend in my handspun Jacobs humbug yarn. The yarn turned out to be a worsted weight yarn or 10 WPI. I started off with a pattern from a book I have but after the cuff the instructions for the short row heel were a nightmare! So I had a look at a few youtube videos on short row heel wrap and turn as I hadn’t worked the heel this way before and ended up re-writing the last part of the pattern. I'm going to work the cuff in a different ribbing for the pattern and will write it up to post on the blog if anyone is interested.

According to my husband the socks are really warm and comfortable and he loves them! So I’m chuffed with that and they only took me the weekend to knit too!


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