Busy Weekend!

Well it was another busy weekend what with the usual weekend shopping with the kids at Tesco! Lol I have to laugh at that actually because my husband did the shopping with the kids and I stayed in our camper van with my feet up working on my cross stitch! I was actually keeping my Border Collie Benji company, he suffers from separation anxiety when he gets left at home so we always take him everywhere with us. I volunteered to stay in the van with him, giving me the opportunity to finish off all the letters and numbers of my cross stitch sampler. This is how it's looking (see below), it's a bit creased but I think it's looking pretty ok. Just the border to do now!

We went out on Sunday as the flea market was on again and there are some good antique shops where I live too, so we went to a couple of them on the look out for a vintage frame and a coffee table. The coffee table we had was glass and metal and I hated it, which was no bad thing as the leg went wonky and eventually fell off the other week! Hooray! I'm on the look out for an old oak one with draws in so that I have somewhere for my fave stitching and knitting mags. Anyway I'm rambling on!

On another note I have started designing my own sampler so hopefully I will have images of that soon. It's Game of Thrones tonight on the TV, so the kids should be asleep and I may work on the border of my sampler if I can tear my eyes away from the box that is! Just thought could watch Game of Thrones, work on the sampler during Silicon Valley and then watch Thronecast lol. This is making me sound really sad now! Anyway I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. If it's a choice between shopping and staying with the dog, the dog wins every time with me!

    1. Oh I know what you mean I always volunteer to stay with the dog!


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