Flea Market Finds

Today has been a gorgeous sunny day and as planned I headed down to my local flea market to look for a frame for my cross stitch sampler. As usual it was busy and there was lots of stalls to get around. I didn't find a frame but I did find a lady selling hats and embroidery books! What a stroke of luck, I found one by The Embroiderers' Guild on Making Samplers for £1.50 so I was pretty chuffed! It is perfect and will give me lots of ideas and inspiration for creating my own samplers.

I also managed to pick up a wooden mushroom darner from the local knitting and craft stall in the indoor market. I have been trying to find one for a while since my husband put a hole in the socks I knitted him. He wears them so much he has practically wore them out! At least I know they are appreciated! I'm in the middle of making him another pair!

After a trip round the market me and my husband, who was taking a quick break from his amazing overload of work, took a trip to the local country park and had lunch and walked our border collie Benji. We forget sometimes how lucky we are to live where we do!


  1. Hi Sarah, Your book was a bargain, you were lucky to find that! Look forward to seeing some stitching from it. I have one of those mushrooms but the top is not attached on mine, it's a bit of a nuisance really, although that said I do use it a lot! Like the blog.
    Barbara xx

    1. Thanks Barbara, couldn't believe my luck when I saw the book and the price! Think I will head down to the market again this week see what else I can find! I'm thinking of painting my mushroom red on the top with white spots! Think I will probably get a lot of use out of it too, especially since our Border Collie Benji has a thing for socks!


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