Getting my Stitch On!

Yesterday I got out my cross stitch fabric and threads and started work on a sampler in black thread. I haven't done any stitching for quite awhile so I am easing myself back into it! I have been wanting to make some samplers for the house for ages and I'm hoping to find a vintage frame on the local flea market to frame it in once it's finished.

This is my progress so far (see below)! I had forgotten how relaxing I find stitching and cross stitch is really addictive once you start! I have been picking up the sampler on and off all day while keeping my little one busy, who was having a day off due to no water at school!

The cross stitch sampler I am working on is from an old needlecraft book I have and not my own design. I love samplers and I am always on the look for vintage ones at the flea market. I hope to design a few modern ones of my own based on my interests. I love Game of Thrones and would love to make a Game of Thrones inspired one!


  1. Ooooooh Game of Thrones. Now there lies some interesting design stimulation.... Great movie too.

    1. I'm looking forward to getting my designer hat on lol


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