Keeping the HEN Alive!

If you are a member of the Hand Embroidery Network you already know my decision to keep the community running! When I made the decision to close it in January I didn't realise how hard that would be and when the 1st March arrived and it was time to take down the network I couldn't do it. Over the six years the community had been running so many wonderful embroiderers had taken the time to share their work and passion for embroidery and so many others had been inspired to pick up a needle for the first time! For that reason I couldn't close it and lose such a wonderful resource!

So I have decided to keep the HEN alive and continue to provide a community where people young and old, experienced and novice can be inspired and find like minded people to build friendships with through their love of hand embroidery.

A big thank you to all HEN members for their support!

If you haven't visited the Hand Embroidery Network before, why not come and check it out here:


  1. I love your work and I enjoy your blog very much. I'm always looking for inspiration and new techniques. I did just apply for the network but later I realized it's probably more for professionals. Don't feel bad if you reject me!

    1. Hi Molly, the HEN is for everyone interested in hand embroidery whether you are an old hand at it or just starting out! All are welcome! Thanks for visiting my blog and see you on the Hand Embroidery Network :)


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