From ArtyThreads to Artyfibres

A while ago I decided to rebrand my small business from ArtyThreads to Artyfibres. I have been running ArtyThreads since 2009 and when I first started out it was to originally sell my hand embroidered artwork. Little did I know that I would get the knitting bug again and that my creative life would start to develop in a whole new direction!
My love of knitting started many years ago when I was six or seven having watched my mum and grandmother make mine and my brother and sisters school cardigans during the school holidays. I guess I was bored as the hols were dragging and I wanted something to do, so I asked them to teach me how to knit! Being the only right-handed one of three sisters I picked it up quickly and soon was happy knitting pullovers, leg warmers and dresses for my dolls!
As I got older I started to make myself jumpers, scarves and gloves etc. and loved nothing better than visiting the yarn shop. At the same time I discovered embroidery and began to cross stitch and later create my own freestyle embroideries on items of clothing. This I decided was the career I wanted and I went to study for a degree in Embroidery. I have worked on many embroidery commissions, got a teaching qualification, created the Hand Embroidery Network, wrote a book, The Needlecraft Stitch Directory which was published in 2012 and started ArtyThreads. 
When I was pregnant with my children I started knitting again and made them baby items with pride. It was then that I got the knitting bug again! To cut a long story short I considered knitting as a hobby while I created embroidered products which I sold at a local gallery and occasionally online. I was diagnosed with arthritis and fibromyalgia and carried on for awhile despite having trouble holding a fine sewing needle. I decided to take a break and rethink things and started to work on a blanket to brighten up our new home, it was then that I decided to try and make a living out of selling my knitted creations full time!
In the last two years I have taught myself to crochet and hand spin, rediscovered hand dyeing (something I learnt at uni) and developed a love of everything woolly and so this is why I decided to rebrand my business to Artyfibres
The new shop will include a range of my own handspun yarnhand blended mini art battshand blended rolags and my knitted and crocheted creations. I still have a passion for embroidery and continue to run the Hand Embroidery Network. With this in mind I am developing a range of hand dyed embroidery threads and creative embroidery packs which will be available soon!
I am currently stocking the shop so please sign-up for my monthly newsletter at the bottom of the shop website for product updates, special offers and latest news. I will be also announcing a giveaway on the shop blog at the end of the week!


  1. Good luck with your new shop! Your dye jobs are gorgeous.

    I'm glad you were able to shift to a creative outlet that was easier on your body. I have fibromyalgia and CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome). The fibro seems to mostly just affect my legs, but I switched from mostly knitting to mostly embroidery (not needing to grip a sewing needle with much strength made that easier, though over the years I've been able to adjust the way I knit somewhat and that's gotten better).

    1. Thanks Meredith, the fibro effects my legs too especially at night, which keeps me awake and as you know they say lack of sleep is the cause of fibromyalgia!


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