Schools Out for Summer!

Well we are a few weeks into the summer hols and August is nearly upon us! It's been a busy few weeks what with entertaining the troops, making things for my new shop and running a giveaway, life has been hectic! The shop seems to have gone down really well though and I am hoping to add lots of lovely new handspun yarn, mini art batts and handmade gifts soon. In fact I am currently working on some art yarn scarves as I love spinning really textured and corespun yarns. When I am not spinning I have been organising my yarn and thread stash, knitting socks and finishing a crochet granny stripe blanket I started awhile back! I have also embarked on a new embroidery project with some handmade felt and some of my handspun yarn, more to be revealed soon! All in all it's been a very busy July!

I have lots of projects planned for August and I am currently getting to grips with my new Ashford Kiwi Superflyer which I love as I can produce lots of lovely lumpy and bumpy yarn! I have also just discovered a few spinning mags Spin-Off which I found on the Spinning Daily website and Yarnmaker. I downloaded a digital copy of Spin-Off and already I have learnt so much from articles in the recent issue! I will be definitely buying the next issue! I am currently awaiting my copy of Yarnmaker magazine in the post! Can't wait to read it! All I need now is for the weather to stay nice and I can sit out in the garden and do some reading, spinning and embroidery!

Art yarn on the Kiwi Superflyer

Storm Cloud - Art Yarn

Her Name is Lola - Art Yarn

Elongated Knit Stitch Art Yarn Scarf

Latest Sock Project


  1. Very pretty scarf! I do like the lumpy and bumpy yarn. It gives a great textured look. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Paige, the textured yarns are my favourite I'm going to try some lock spinning soon.


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