Spinning to Weave

I am back in full making mode now the children have returned to school, though I miss them like crazy! I always think that when they go back I will have my days back to indulge in all my woolly projects but when they go back the house always feels so empty! Well at least until 3pm when I pick them up again!

Over the last week I have been busy finishing a few projects and enjoying spinning some gorgeous textured and not so textured Autumn inspired yarns. Which includes some Black Welsh tops which produces a lovely dark brown yarn and some hand blended merino, silk, bamboo and wool locks (see below). I first created some really chunky rolags on my Ashford Blending Board using lots of oranges, greens, browns and pinks and then spun these on my kiwi spinning wheel using the Super Flyer to create lots of slubby areas in the yarn. The yarns I am spinning at the moment I will be weaving into scarves over the next few weeks. Well that's if my finger heals ok! Yes and talking of that I had a fight with a cactus yesterday and the cactus won!

On another funnier note my 7 year old daughter said something this morning that I just had to share. We were in our usual hurry getting ready to go out the door to school and my daughter turned to my husband and handed him her book bag, coat and lunch box to carry for her. I said "that's how you should treat men" looking at my husband and smiling, she turned round quick as a flash and said "yeah like a dog" well my husband's face was a picture, I started laughing and my daughter put her hand in the air for a high five! All I can think is when did she stop being a baby and turned into this funny little person! They grow up so quick!

Autumn Inspired Yarns

Recent Scarf Project with Handspun Yarn

New Scarf in Progress

My cactus spiked finger!


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