The Count Down is On!

Only 11 days to go until Spinzilla 2015 begins and I am prepping fibre like a maniac! I have ordered enough wool to spin jumpers for the entire neighbourhood and now I fully understand why they call hand spinning a post apocalyptic life skill. If the world were to end or we were invaded with a plague of zombies I'm ready, in fact I'm more than ready!

Lol well I do live in Todmorden where vegetables are grown in graveyards and the vast majority of people dress like they are ready for the next Hunger Games! I think a new note to myself is to stop watching zombie films with Brad Pitt in! Well at least my family will never be cold and naked if the worst happens!

On a brighter note my rolag prepping is continuing. I think I could prep one in my sleep now! I have also been working on my spinning skills this week with some long draw spinning practice. I'm thinking of getting my Victorian spinning wheel in on the action, so I will need to check the drive band is ok and get everything oiled ready for the kick off. I have a huge amount of fibre on order which is due any day and will have all that to prep next week. I have bought natural undyed fibres so I am hoping it's going to be sunny next week so I can dye some with acid dyes and get it dried and prepped in time!

Anyway back to it! 


  1. Ooh, I love the colours in the bottom photo!

    1. Cheers, I can't wait to spin these, they should make for a really cool yarn!

  2. Excellent work so far! The colors in both of those look AMAZING. Excited to see how they look as yarn!


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