Beautiful Bluefaced Leicester

I Want Candy - Hand-dyed, Handspun Bluefaced Leicester.
Needed to show this gorgeous hand-dyed, handspun Bluefaced Leicester yarn after last nights Game of Thrones episode! After all that gruesome stuff and all that! It certainly started with a bang, didn't it! I'm not exactly sure why I watch Game of Thrones I can't even knit or crochet or spin when I watch it because I am usually gripping a pillow as I find it so disturbing! I have to say though, I have watched it from the very first series (because Sean Bean was in it) so I kind of want to find out how the story develops. I can't really say how the characters develop as they get killed off in the blink of an eye! My favourite Jon Snow, went last series, though it was good to see him back even in his dead form! Is he set to return? I can only hope! He's the only one who can deal with the White Walkers and they really freak me out!


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