Wednesday, 27 April 2016

WIP Wednesday - Hand Painted Shawl

Well it's Wednesday! Yay, the week is half over and the weekend will soon be upon us. Today I'm working on a few WIP's but this hand painted shawl (see below) is the main one I am concentrating on. It's a really easy pattern working back and forth on circular needles just in garter stitch! Easy right! My favourite circulars are KnitPro Zing because they come in such lovely colours and they make me happy!

For the shawl I simply cast on five stitches and then worked as follows:

First row: knit one, yarn over, knit one, yarn over, place marker, knit one, place marker, yarn over, knit one, yarn over, knit one. (9 stitches).

Second row and every alternate row: knit all stitches.

Third row: knit one, yarn over, knit three, yarn over, slide marker, knit one, slide marker, yarn over, knit three, yarn over, knit one. (13 stitches, 6 on either side of the marker and one centre stitch).

Continue working yarn over increases after the first stitch, either side of the markers and before the last stitch. I always attach a stitch marker to remind me which side to work the increases! It's a really simple shawl but looks really nice with a centre vein. The blue, grey and silver shawl is one I finished last month and I wear it all the time!

What's on your needles, hook, wheel etc. today?

Garter stitch triangular shawl in hand painted 4 ply yarn.

Garter stitch triangular shawl in handspun merino.

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