Felt Making with Bubblewrap Tutorial

I am reposting my felt making tutorial here as I am closing my other blog to concentrate on this one!
One of the quickest and easiest methods to make felt I have found is using bubblewrap! I never seem to have access to a grass mat or some fine net so I have always made my felt using this technique.

To start I layout a large piece of bubblewrap on a surface close to my sink (just because it’s easier) and then I start to layout my fibres.

First I lay the fibres out in one direction going downwards.

Step 1
Then I lay the fibres out in the opposite direction.

Step 2
I continue adding fibre in different directions for about 5 or 6 layers or for the thickness of felt required.

Step 3
I then have a big sandwich of fibres ready to felt.

Step 4
I then spray the fibre with a mixture of hot water and washing up liquid in a plant spray.

Step 5
After I have fully soaked the fibre I lay a piece of bubblewrap on top and start to rub this all over. The textured surface of the bubblewrap on the bottom and the top starts to felt the fibres together.

Step 6
Once I have done this for awhile, applying more water and soap mixture if required, I remove the top layer of bubblewrap and pinch the fibres to see if they lift off together in one piece. If this happens I then rub the felt with my hands against the bottom piece of bubblewrap to make sure the underneath layers have felted together.

Step 7
I replace the top layer of bubblewrap and roll the whole thing up and then roll it backwards and forwards on the work surface.

Step 8
Once I am sure all the fibres have felted together I rinse the felt under the hot water tap rubbing the felt together to ensure it is fully felted. I then lay the felt out somewhere flat to dry. The resulting felt is really soft and I love the uneven edges and texture as this will make a great background for hand embroidery!

Finished Felt


  1. I just came across this...a terrific way to felt and I must try it.

    1. Hi Gracie, thanks for your comment, this is the easiest way to make felt I have found. Let me know how you get on.


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