Sunny Days and Hand Dyeing

We have had some wonderful warm sunny days over the last week and living in Cornwall certainly has it's advantages! When we haven't been working we have been taking the kids down to the beach or on the moors at Bodmin looking at the amazing stone circles called The Hurlers. The kids were certainly intrigued by the three stone circles and they thoroughly enjoyed coming up with ideas as to what they were used for.  I think however the little one was more impressed with the name of the village they are to be found near, Minions! She loved the fact that the sign to the village actually had the Minion characters on it.

The Hurlers - Bodmin Moor
Mussel - Beach at Hayle 
Evening - Portreath
When we have not been at the beach or walking the moors, I have been hand dyeing some Superwash Merino and Nylon wool tops out in the garden. Were a bit short on space but I managed to paint the fibre out on the table outside then steam them on top of the gas stove in the kitchen. We don't have a utility like we did at the last house so I haven't been able to have a separate microwave to steam the fibre. It usually takes me about 5 minutes in the microwave steamer to set the fibre or yarn but the stove top steamer takes about 20 - 30 minutes. Either method though the results are the same and I managed to dye quite a bit of fibre. I started off drying them outside but in true form the English weather has took a turn for the worse and it has been threatening rain all day. So I am drying the fibre indoors until further notice! Here are my fibre dyeing creations below.

Hand painted super wash merino and nylon wool tops.


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