Things I've Recently Finished & Begun

The last few days I have been beavering away on finishing a number of my works in progress and I have finally finished my garter stitch shawl in hand painted yarn. While we have been moving home this has been my go to project when I have needed to chill! The kids have called it my 'emergency knitting' as it has been tucked away in my handbag so I always had it on me! The yarn I can't remember for the life of me what it's called, but it's a 4 ply sock yarn. I love the colours and it has turned out really well. You can get the pattern for how I made it in a previous post. It needs washing and blocking yet and hopefully then I can get a picture of the whole shawl!

The other project I have recently finished is a hand woven scarf on my little Ashford SampleIt loom. I have woven it in a combination of commercial yarn and my own handspun yarns. One of the yarns is an art yarn I spun which combined lace. This again just needs washing and then when it's almost dry steaming with the iron.

I've just started a new triangular shawl which instead of being in just garter stitch I'm going to knit the main part in stocking stitch and then when I change colours the outer edge will be in garter stitch.
Depending on how much wool I have it may end up a kerchief rather than a shawl, I'm just winging it at the moment and not working from a pattern.

My new emergency knitting project


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