Addicted to Knitting Shawls

Well it's official I am totally addicted to knitting shawls and what's more knitting on circular needles! I just love the fact that knitting shawls is something I can do while watching the tv or sitting in the van (we don't have a car as we need a van for surf boards and wet suits!) looking out to sea at Marazion!

As one shawl is cast off another shawl is cast on! My new shawl is a bit sparkly and uses Rico Creative Reflection Print Yarn which has a shimmery silver thread running through it. It is a light weight DK yarn. I am knitting the shawl on a 5.5mm circular needle so that it has an open lacy effect. I have decided to use two colours Blackberry and Anthracite. I'm loving how it is working out so far. The yarn is lovely and soft and it comes in some beautiful shades so I think I will probably make a few more of these! I'm going to finish the edge with a picot cast off, there is a really easy to follow tutorial on The Picot Bind-Off on the Love Knitting blog if you haven't tried this method of casting off before.

I never used to like to use circular needles after a very twisty disaster with a 4 ply cowl but I am actually going to try knitting some toe up socks with them! More on that later.


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